2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Special Education Major: Cross Categorical (Dual Major with Elementary Education), B.S.Ed. (Certifies Grades K-12)

CIP: 131007

This major must be completed with the elementary education major and the following special education requirements in order to meet certification requirements for K-12 Special Education:


The Northwest Core (44-47 hours)

Institutional Requirements (4 hours)

Elementary Education Major (65 hours)

Professional Requirements

Professional Education Phase II (15 hours)

COM 29553Language, Speech, and Hearing of the Exceptional Child and Adult


EDCI 62372Systems for Supporting Instruction and Behavior for Students with Disabilities


EDCI 62394Special Education: Theory and Techniques of Evaluation, Instruction, and Behavior


EDCI 62396Special Education: Implementing Techniques and Strategies of Evaluation, Instruction, and Behavior


EDCI 62408Transition and Career Readiness, Families, and Partnerships: Theory and Techniques


Field and Clinical Experiences Phase III (9 hours)

EDCI 62454Special Education: Residency Practicum



EDUC 61481Directed Teaching in Cross Categorical Special Education: Elementary

1 to 12


EDUC 61482Directed Teaching in Cross Categorical Special Education: Secondary

1 to 12

Note:  Directed teaching from other certification or other degrees may count for up to 6 hours of the 12 required hours.

Free electives as needed to reach minimum 120 graduation hours

When combined with a major in elementary education, there are two Directed Teaching placements of 6 hours each (one elementary and one special education for a total of 12).  Each major, taken separately, would require 12 hours of directed teaching, so this major does NOT add additional Directed Teaching hours.